Many fortunes have been made thanks to Google.

You’ve probably seen the Google advert that says "Right now, people are searching for a business like yours." It’s in Google’s interest to charge you each time somebody clicks on your Google advert. That is known as Paid Search. However, it’s in your interest to connect with those people as cost effectively as possible...

In our experience, Search Engine Optimisation can give a far better ROI than paid search, especially in the long-term. It’s a rule of economics that supernormal profits attract competition. We’ve seen businesses that initially did well with paid search only to find that returns later diminished and even reached a point where they didn’t even recoup their investment, and were then stuck with little or no revenue. Starting SEO earlier would have changed things for the better.

We looked at the best available SEO solutions in the market before creating our own proprietary systems aimed at ensuring we give clients the best possible ROI. There are no other SEO systems available in the marketplace that focus on maximising your ROI to the extent that ours does (we are presently working on making the software publicly available to over 1 million people). To better understand exactly how we get the best possible return for each keyword or keyphrase, you can read our article How We Maximise Your Profitability and Chances Of Success or simply contact us to see how we can benefit you.

Some of the services we offer are shown below. You can see our results, that even the UK’s largest agencies would have difficulty promising, here.

We’d love to show you how we can maximise your ROI. You can contact us here.

Commonly asked SEO questions:

Can you do SEO for everybody?
We cannot take on all clients. Almost everybody wants their website optimised, but we prefer to only take on cases where we believe the client will be very happy with the end result.

What should it cost, and why?
Cheap SEO is always the most expensive because:

  • You get no results,
  • Plus the cost of doing it again,
  • Plus the cost of fixing it (which can be exorbitant)
  • Plus loss of revenue for the entire period for which you could have earned

You would not take your beautiful new car to an unknown mechanic, and you would not call an overly cheap builder to work in your home. Our rates are very cost effective, given what we do. Why pay for something twice (or more)?

How much SEO do I need?
This varies on a case-by-case basis. Anybody who tells you otherwise does not know what they are doing. We begin with a minimum of 20 hours per month, and can take it from there once you see just what and how much we do. Our serious clients tend to come back, and as at May 2019, we are currently discussing a sixth engagement with one of our larger clients.

Can I receive faster results?
Yes, if we have more hours available.

Which SEO to avoid?
Types of SEO that can do more damage to your business than good usually include:

  • Fixed monthly packages for a few hundred pounds per month and SEO “packages” in general: If it is not custom built, then you have an indication the seller is centred around selling their product, instead of first thinking about exactly what you need. Fixed packages that are not tailored to your needs and cheap monthly packages are generally not intelligent business decisions.
  • Outsourced SEO: the majority of SEO is low-quality nonsense and the sellers themselves often have no idea what they are selling. The amount of times we hear people saying “I just got a new SEO client. What should I do?” is amazing (perhaps they should learn what they are doing before lying - that is a dishonourable way of making money).
  • Cheap link packages: never, ever go near these. When Google and the search engines make algorithm changes and figure out that the wrong links point to your site, it will be fried, as can your business. Some people never recover from these penalties, which entirely kills a revenue stream.
  • “Guaranteed SEO packages”: Yeah, right. You cannot guarantee results even if you have got them in the past. We have great results which you can see here, and we can at best give you an indication of likelihood for your situation. We prefer to underestimate and over-deliver. Just to put things in perspective, the CEO has a relative who works for Google and filed a patent related to searches for Google, and even they would not claim to guarantee results. In life, would you trust somebody who is arrogant or humble?
  • Some of the “big agencies”: This may come as a surprise, but we have seen one of the UK’s “biggest and best” charge a client over £30,000 per month for utterly useless SEO; links from the lowest quality pages you could imagine. Unsurprisingly, the client wanted out of that fast.

In short, we have had clients lose up to hundreds of thousands of pounds in fees on useless SEO and millions in sales and company value. We are talking about pounds sterling.

How long does SEO take?
We usually see results very fast compared to others in the industry, especially given that we only use clean techniques. We have seen results within a week of launching campaigns, but it will vary depending on the exact situation. If anybody tells you otherwise, it is not true. It is very important for your bottom line to be careful about techniques, so that your webpages will not suddenly drop to Page 3 when Google updates their algorithm, losing you all your website visitors. Exact timelines depend on the industry and how much work we put in. If you need overnight results, then you need to try paid advertising, although we usually recommend avoiding it, for the reasons at the top of this page.

If you want GOOD SEO, or if you have been burned by bad SEO in the past, you can contact us here. We will try to help you.