We only offer SEO campaigns where we believe you will succeed. As with any business venture, one should do their best to carry out due diligence before undertaking any SEO. One needs to consider two things:
1. What are the likely benefits of the SEO?
2. What is the expected cost of the SEO?

We usually recommend starting with a feasibility analysis before committing a large budget. In other words, we like to research a large data set to identify search terms expected to give you the best ROI. In some cases, the feasibility analysis may indicate that other marketing methods will give you a better return. Essentially, a feasibility analysis will tell you to continue with a campaign only if we believe that it’s beneficial for you.

Why pay for a proposal? I can get it for free!
We know, and we know you know. And if you didn’t know, we want you to know!

Sigh. We receive these offers daily. Many “agencies” send multi-page “free” SEO “research/ proposals” that are often computer-generated templates and full of words that they know you won’t understand or have time to research fully. These are not appropriate, because each situation is different and should therefore be assessed differently. It takes time and thought to do this properly. If everybody rejected their proposals, they would lose money. They have to cover their costs and make a profit from somewhere, and that will usually be in the form of a follow-up after you respond to them saying something to the effect of “Great news! Our research gave us positive results! You should pay us £(insert the revenue they want from you here) per month and we will get you to the top of Google for these search terms (usually followed by list of laughably easy to attain top ranking search terms).”

At Ipro Digital, we charge a token fee to provide you top quality, honest research that we then discuss with you so that you decide whether to continue, only if you are happy with the profit projections you see. Our charging you the token fee would simply mean that we are not under the pressure that certain other agencies would be, as the “free” proposal they give would leave them in a position of needing to recoup payment for their time spent on the initial proposal with only one way to retrieve it: selling you whatever they can at the next stage. Again, the token fee is a lot less than we could make otherwise, in the spirit of reaching a win-win, long-term business scenario and in the hope that you will recommend us.

Our SEO Feasibility Analysis is Stage 1 of the SEO process in our thorough article “How we maximise your profitability and chances of success”.

What does it cost?
We pride ourselves on providing results and solutions of a quality that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere - even at far higher prices. Our prices for this service (SEO Feasibility Analysis) are the same as those shown for consultation on our search engine optimisation page.

How can we get started?
We’d love to show you how we can maximise your ROI. You can contact us here.