We offer filming and post-production, for embedding in websites or for offline use, including for commercial and private events such as corporate events, weddings, parties, music videos and documentaries.

We use cutting-edge equipment and software as per your specifications.

We also offer Audio Production.

What does it cost?
We pride ourselves on providing results and solutions of a quality that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere - even at far higher prices.

Given below are some guideline examples of pricing for our lead London videographer, who has a Master’s degree in Digital Media, has carried out professional filming work for a wide range of setups and has high-end professional filming equipment. Please add a 10% commission for all related works.

The pricing guidelines are as at 1 February, 2020. The equipment to be used may change the price. The minimum available booking is 2 hours. Video can most likely be provided in the format of your choice. You might expect to pay £55 for a 2 tB Western Digital hard drive. If you require editing, the amount of editing required can vary, depending on the type of filming done. As an example, 1 full day of conference filming, such as presentations or panel discussions, would probably take 2 days to edit; whereas 1 day of promotional video filming would probably take 1 day to edit. Kit can mean lighting and other items required to film to a high standard. Pricing for international filming will vary.

How can we get started?
We’d love to show you how we can maximise your ROI. You can contact us here.