I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to spend time at a home in Mumbai, India, for children who have fallen on hard times. This concreted an earlier vision I had of opening such a home.

I hope to do so by 2025 on the largest possible scale to provide the maximum possible benefit to children in need of time, love and money. I also hope to spend my final years around the children, helping them to grow, love and nurture the next generation who are in similar situations; having a ripple effect that helps an ever-multiplying number of people.

Planning ahead is important where one is serious about achieving something, so for now, I would be very grateful to learn from and collaborate with those experienced in this field. Although we do not accept donations, if you wish to donate, you can contact The Society for the Protection of Children in Western India directly, for whom we made a video that you can view here (we believe the buildings for which donations are requested have now been fully refurbished, so the society would be able to better explain how donations will be used).

Many thanks for reading.

Gautam Khanna
Director, Ipro Digital