In the age of information overload, we’re all trying to filter out unnecessary noise.

This is why it’s vital to provide useful, relevant content that stands out enough to not only capture your target audience’s attention, but engage them enough to create strong bonds and loyalty. When your content is shared, it can provide a big boost to your brand’s success through SEO and Social Media.

Someone once famously said, “The infantry is always ahead of headquarters.” With that in mind, we prefer the idea of content being written by our clients’ own in-house team; this is best complemented by our training and guidelines to to help achieve maximum benefit.

However, if your team is too busy, then of course we shall arrange content creation for you.

What does it cost?
We pride ourselves on providing results and solutions of a quality that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere - even at far higher prices. Our prices for this service (Content Marketing) vary depending on the topic, language, locality, word count and level of specialisation required.

An example of cost for our primary writer - who is considered to be the best (or at least one of the very top few) content writers in our private group of over 40,000 - is £10.00 per 100 words for a low complexity niche, or £17 per 100 words for a high complexity niche. The minimum value for a content writing order is £120.

How can we get started?
We’d love to show you how we can maximise your ROI. You can contact us here.