Here are some of the clients and companies we have had the pleasure of working with. This is not a full list; we do not update this page often. While you will see some large companies listed below, our Results are a better indicator of whether to choose us.

Presentation - L'Oreal

We created a successful presentation for L'Oreal.

Client Testimonial: “It was a great job.”

Content Management Systems - Accenture

We worked with Accenture in the setup of a large-scale customised Content Management System.

Search Engine Optimisation - Confidential Client

We most recently advised for a group of fund managers managing over $4 trillion in assets. We achieved their first SEO objective (of two) in just minutes.

Search Engine Optimisation & Web Design - Usha Martin Group

We provided a holistic internet strategy including a complete website redesign and complete search engine optimisation for Usha Martin’s subsidiary. Usha Martin is one of India’s leading companies with a global presence and turnover well in excess of £300 million.

Search Engine Optimisation - Best At Cruises

We made an automated Search Engine Optimisation solution for a complex system of over 10,000 constantly changing products for Best At Cruises. Best At Cruises are owned by Best At Travel which is one of the UK's largest travel agencies.

Content Management System - Best At Travel

We worked for Best At Travel in the setup of a customised Content Management System, and later provided SEO for their latest website.

Search Engine Optimisation - Interaction Recruitment

We provided SEO and Social Media research, analysis, recommendations and campaigns for Interaction Recruitment, who were voted "UK’s Number 1 General Recruiter".

Interaction Recruitment began in 1986, comprises over 250 team members, 30 locations in the UK and sales exceeding £30 million.

Video Production - Pro-bono - Charity - Society for the Protection of Children in Western India

We stopped taking on clients for a month to make a pro-bono (no-fee) video for The Society for the Protection of Children in Western India. The video raised 10 Lakh Rupees (~£10,000) in the first 24 hours after playing.

Search Engine Optimisation - VideoJug

We provided an SEO strategy for VideoJug, who competed with YouTube, to increase their traffic. VideoJug have over 500,000 followers.

Internet Marketing - FeeTel Theme Hotels (非特主题酒店)

FeeTel (非特主题酒店) are a large chain of theme hotels in China. We provided them with prominent placement on the internet aimed at their target demographic.


Client Testimonial: “The owners liked how you carried out the work... We’ve already had bookings from customers abroad.(within 7 days)

Website Design - Jeejeebhoy Charitable Institutes

We designed websites for the Jeejeebhoy families’ charitable organisations: The Home For Children, The Charitable Institution, The College of Commerce and the Parsi Agiary (which includes a gallery showcasing the venue).

Testimonial (after seeing the processes of the website): “Wow! That was like magic!”

Search Engine Optimisation - Business Systems House

We helped Business Systems House with their upcoming website’s redesign and planned an SEO strategy to maximise their ROI.

BSH is a major payroll services and HR provider in the Middle East, operational since 1993 and now managing over 50,000 monthly payslips for over 400 clients in 10 countries.

Photo Gallery Website

This stunning photo gallery website also demonstrates samples of our photography. We are upgrading, so it shall be online shortly.

Content Management Systems - provides and recruits web designers, web developers and people in related industries. This multilingual website provides tutorials and reference material as well as a live international job search feature.

Flash Website - Casa Tordela

The Casa Tordela website provides information about a luxury holiday villa in Tuscany. The website includes high-quality research about the local features and activities as well as Italian phrases, and an availability calendar.

Web Design & Search Engine Optimisation - Injury Rehab

We designed and thoroughly search engine optimised the Injury Rehab website. We also made and integrated exercise videos, and included Google Maps, Google Street View and several other features.


Client Testimonial: “Thank you. We really appreciate your dedication to your job.”

Website Design - Shon R

Shon R is a high-end fashion company. We created a holding page pending completion of the website.

Language Learning App - Seekho (सीखो)

Seekho (सीखो) means "learn" in Hindi - India's national language. We created Seekho - a Hindi learning app - in order to teach the complete Hindi alphabet along with some basic words and phrases. Seekho also includes quizzes, information about India and photos of India.

Web Design - Веб-дизайнер

We designed Веб-дизайнер, a chain of Russian websites offering website design, search engine optimisation and other services.

Presentation - XESS

We designed a presentation for XESS, which is a lingerie brand that retails in London and India.

Web Design & Search Engine Optimisation - Arpalatina

We made a bilingual website for the llanera harpist Diego Rojas in English and Spanish.


Client Testimonial: “Many thanks for all your effort during this weekend to finish my website.”

Website Usability Report - Guild Of Service

We provided a report to Dr. V. Mohini Giri (the daughter-in-law of the Late Shri V.V. Giri, former President of India) which led to the Guild of Service website being rebuilt. She is an internationally renowned social activist who specialises in human rights and chairs the Guild of Service.

Website Design with JavaScript - NetBrain IQ test

NetBrain is an interactive IQ test which we created.

Web Design & Search Engine Optimisation - Bestflowers

We designed the Bestflowers website.

Graphic Design - Tailor Services

We provided graphic design and branding for tailor services in Camden, London.

Graphic Design - HighSpeed Computer Repairs

We designed a brochure for HighSpeed Computer Repairs.

Web Design and Web Development Teaching - Ipro Digital

We have taught over 50 people how to design & develop websites and carry out search engine optimisation. This includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ASP.NET and Flash.

Here are some of the other organisations we’ve had the pleasure of advising. We love to help point organisations in the right direction so they will succeed.

Conversion Rate Optimisation - LinkedIn

We provided LinkedIn recommendations for how to increase customer engagement and improve their user experience.


As at 2019, Upwork is the world’s largest freelancer marketplace with (according to Wikipedia) 3 million jobs posted annually at a value of around $1 billion USD. We helped them to improve their SEO candidate testing system.

Search Engine Optimisation

We provided recommendations for how to maximise ROI from SEO for Masala Zone and other restaurants in the MWEat Group.

Website Usability and Website Security Report - Integrated Endodontics

We provided an evaluation to Dr. Anish Naware detailing the usability, security and functionality issues of his Integrated Endodontics website, leading to a rebuild of his website. Dr. Anish Naware is widely regarded as one of Asia's pioneering endodontists.

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