Google correctly claim to be the biggest kingmaker on Earth.

Your website appearing at the top of search engine results can bring you vast profits, because you offer exactly what people are searching for. SEO tends to be the most cost effective marketing method when done objectively and with maximum technical efficiency. This is the basis of our proprietary systems.

We only offer SEO campaigns where we expect your success. To properly research, analyse and report this takes time and effort, so we charge a modest fee for an initial consultation, initial research and post-research consultation. This is not lucrative for us, but it saves you from making a large commitment until there is certainty that you will benefit from SEO. Some SEO agencies offer "free consultations" which then tell you how great your chances are, just to recoup the cost of that consultation, putting your interests second to their own. They are unlikely to tell you if you don’t need SEO. This should never happen. Business should always be win-win. SEO providers should voluntarily show you profit projections when offering a service. Our consultations and recommendations are always based on available statistics, and include the information you give us about your business.

Following our initial research, we show you profit projections and how your ROI will be maximised so that you understand enough to decide for yourself whether to proceed. Beyond this stage, we charge a very reasonable implementation fee and only keep a success fee of 25% after we deem your investment recouped. This reduces your risk, as a significant portion of our profit is linked to us achieving your objectives, thus giving you peace of mind. This is in line with our win-win ethos.

7 Steps: How we maximise ROI from SEO

(1) Choose keywords and keyphrases which make you money.
First, we undertake due diligence, by choosing the keywords and keyphrases likely to maximise your ROI.

One by one, we decide the correct keywords or keyphrases that you should rank highly for on the major search engines. This is normally Google, Bing and Yahoo.

As an example of a request we once had, expecting to rank #1 on Google against 30,000,000 results for a generic keyphrase such as "leather wallets" which would yield a lot of website traffic on a £300 monthly budget is unrealistic. We aim for the most realistic targets in terms of the expected work required to rank successfully..

(2) Make a list.
Make a list of web pages that currently rank in the top 10 positions of the major search engines, and their result types (e.g. web results, image results, etc).

(3) Research.
Our aim is for your webpages to be #1 in Google rankings. To maximise your chances, we research the reasons why the webpages that currently rank in the top 10 positions are doing so. It can be quicker to obtain high rankings on Bing and Yahoo, so we research the top 10 pages for Bing and Yahoo in addition to Google.

SEO providers usually implement techniques that are easiest for them; not necessarily those likely to get results or maximise your ROI. Our research often exposes this inadequacy. Our proprietary software does the most in-depth on-site research we have seen or heard of and a very intensive link analysis for the webpages that we target in the top 10 positions of the search engines. For example, our research for the keyword SEO gave us over 4 million cells of data! Our calculations show that this would cost over £15,000 per keyword or £20,000 per keyphrase anywhere else if it was even available.

At this stage, where we feel necessary, we create a free outline report estimating what the existing top 10 winners have spent. Before starting out, it’s important to estimate the cost as accurately as possible thus we have created a costing system that is the most accurate we have seen to date.

Analyse and combine the best techniques from each of the winners’ strategies to create THE MOST POWERFUL SEO STRATEGY, for the minimum possible cost, time and effort. Our strategy always gives the best possible ROI.

This methodology has worked wonders for our clients. We have beaten several top household names on the search engines, brought clients thousands of simultaneous rankings in a single campaign, multiple top positions on Page 1 of Google and top rankings that held for over a year - and at a fraction of the price e.g. 20% and lower. More examples are shown on our Results page.

For good measure, we apply an extra strategic layer to make it very difficult for competitors to regain footing once beaten. This stage may require some co-operation from clients in providing us with content.

It costs less to implement multiple keywords and/ or keyphrases at the same time, and carrying them out earlier means that you can benefit from higher revenues for a longer time period. Search engine algorithms often become more complex as time passes.

In all likelihood, if you have THE MOST POWERFUL SEO STRATEGY then you can realistically expect that your webpages will rank first.

(5) Implement the strategy.
This is often the simplest stage. The previous stages will have already indicated the path to follow.

A word of warning: If implementation is not carried out by the same person who did the previous stages, then there is a possibility that everything will not be properly implemented. The in-house team might not fully understand everything that needs to be done or might face time constraints that result in improper or incomplete implementation. A business owner could theoretically follow this up themself, but the most cost effective way to achieve success is usually for us to carry out implementation or to train your in-house team.

(6) Implement a monitoring system.
Websites should be set up to track and understand visitor behaviour.

Google Analytics is often the system of choice. Google Search Console should also be integrated from the beginning to properly view visitor information. Goals in Google Analytics must be set up to tell us the percentage of the visitors that completed your Goal.

For example:
- How many of your website visitors went to the contact us page and gave you their contact details?
- How many of your website visitors requested a callback?
- How many of your website visitors read a page about a specific service?
- How much time do your website visitors spend reading that page about a specific service?
- How long do your website visitors stay on the website?
- How many pages do your website visitors view before leaving the website (Bounce Rate)?

(7) Monitor and improve - including visitor conversion rates.
It is crucial to regularly monitor the success of the implemented strategy. Once we have collected data, we can have clarity and increase the chance of maximising your ROI.

If you would like to request a profit projection, you can contact us here.