A client asked us to optimise one of their webpages for the search term “Dubai holidays”. This meant beating over 76 million Google results in the highly competitive UK travel industry, which is virtually impossible, given that the client was a privately owned company that wanted to beat the industry’s leading websites despite a far smaller budget.

We have seen the UK’s biggest SEO agencies quote timeframes such as 12 months and still not deliver such difficult targets. Many make promises in meetings that contradict their Terms & Conditions.

We have proof that we have successfully achieved such targets, including:

What is the profit?

We have never even seen this sort of result in a comparable SEO environment, even by the UK’s largest agencies with over 100 team members. The Director (Gautam Khanna) did this single-handedly as a contractor several years ago, so imagine what a whole team of us can do for you today.

In the screenshot of the results below, you can see our client’s website rising through Page 1 from Position 7 and already beating large brand names including British Airways and Expedia, on it’s way to Position 2 ahead of Last Minute, Travel Supermarket, TripAdvisor, TravelBag, Thomas Cook, eBookers, Teletext Holidays and even The Guardian newspaper.

We beat over 75 million Google results for an IMPOSSIBLE search term - IN UNDER 3 WEEKS!

If you wish us to apply even better, updated systems to maximise the ROI of your website, you can contact us for personalised service. Alternatively, if you already have a team or an agency to implement your web strategies for you, we can provide the data for you here. Although things usually work better when we implement the strategies, you have the choice.

A side note: We like to provide you with screenshots and written proof of our results on our websites, while also not showing our clients’ latest campaign information - which could put them at risk - and thus maintaining adequate confidentiality. We compromise by showing results that are not the latest, but do prove that we are capable and truthful (usually not the case in the SEO world). In fact, it gets better. We constantly update our systems, which are now capable of doing more work, more efficiently, and getting better results than ever before!