Explained simply, maximising your ROI online involves 5 stages.

Stage 1: Being seen
Being ranked and seen high up on the search engines is the point at which 100% of prospective online searchers can see your webpage. This may be done with SEO or Paid Search. We believe that Search Engine Optimisation can usually offer a better ROI.

Stage 2: Maximising CTR (Click Through Rate)
To convert, the webpage firstly needs a high Click Through Rate. There are certain tricks to ensuring searchers click through your webpage (or advertisement) instead of competitors, even when it is not in Position 1 of the search engine results! We ensure as many of the 100% of online searchers as possible click your webpage to bring you the most possible traffic. Simply put, we minimise the red area in Stage 2 of the picture below.

Stage 3: Measuring & Monitoring
Knowing the percentage of visitors that convert tells you how effectively your Goals are being accomplished and indicates the potential for growth and improvement in ROI.

Examples of common Goals are: to maximise the number of website or landing page visitors completing payments, signing up for your newsletter or mailing list, reading or viewing your media or following your organisation on popular Social Media platforms.

Stage 4: CRO
Conversion Rate Optimisation is often more cost effective than Stage 1. By identifying exactly where potential customers leave your website or application, we know exactly where to make improvements that convert them to paying customers. The arrow in the picture below points in the other direction, to indicate a gain in customers.

The key is fulfilling your audience’s goals in the most efficient and pleasant way.

Stage 5: Re-Marketing
Constantly finding new customers (as in Stage 1) is always important. Additionally, re-marketing to existing customers can provide a great ROI.

For this stage, keeping customers engaged - but only with relevant information - is key.

The stages of maximising Digital Marketing ROI online

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